Thursday, 29 September 2011

10 things I won't do when I meet David Tennant on Sunday

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fangirl meeting a famous actor is likely to freak them out.

But I'm an experienced convention-goer and haven't embarrassed myself or acted like a total stalker (yet). On Sunday I'll be one of many of geeks at Earls Court for the Entertainment Media Show.And I'm one of the lucky people who snapped up a photo ticket with David Tennant as soon as they went on sale.

Pic by me

I'm going to this event alone as my usual team of fangirls can't come, so I need to be extra careful not to get whipped into a frenzy by the people around me who'll be after Tennant. With that in mind, here are ten things I won't be doing:

1. I won't be taking a gift for his baby daughter
Seriously, do people think actors let their children anywhere near gifts from total strangers? I sure as hell wouldn't.

2. I won't ask a detailed question about Doctor Who
He didn't write the show, he was paid to be in the show.

3. I won't ask him personal questions about his life
Do you tell total strangers intimate details of your private life?

4. I won't call him David Ten-inch
Billie Piper could get away with it, random fans can't.

5. I won't try and squeeze his bum when I get my picture with him
That kind of behaviour gives normal geeks a bad name and leads to being banned from events. See the infamous Supernatural "flying fangirl" incident.

6. I won't take a sonic screwdriver with me
He won't be dressed as The Doctor, so what's the point?

7. I won't say I'm his number one fan
Sounding like Annie Wilkes will not melt his heart. In fact, it's likely to scare the crap out of him.

8. I won't ask him what he thinks of Matt Smith
That will just lead to awkward silence.

9. I won't ask him if he's coming back to Who
He's done other things since Who, he's not going to return, end of.

10. I won't ask that infamous fan question - boxers or briefs? 
I've sat in a convention hall and cringed at this question being asked by an over-excited fangirl at the microphone. Just. Don't. Ask. It. Ever.

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