Saturday, 24 September 2011

One reason to watch... Fringe: Neither here nor there (4x01)

One reason to watch... Fringe: Neither here nor there - it's a whole new show (sort of).

Pic: taken by me at Comic Con 2010

If you want to know where Peter Bishop is, this episode won't explain. But it will serve as an opening episode to any new people to the Fringe universe, and provide a few tasty character moments for existing fans who've been yelling "WTF?!" since the cliffhanger of season three.

"Neither here nor there" picks up a few weeks after the end of season three, with Peter never having reached adulthood in either universe. The lab at Harvard still exists, but now serves as Walter's home/self-made prison as well as the focus of investigations. Into the everyman role steps Agent Lincoln Lee, the Lee from this side, who becomes embroiled in freaky goings-on when his partner is killed. Joe Flanigan spends a significant amount of his minimal screen time wandering around in his boxers, which I have absolutely no problem with.

There's some body horror back in the mix (yey!) and a Walter who hasn't had "anything to tether him to the world", making him barely functional. He also keeps seeing a strange man in the mirror...

This season opener feels very much like a refresh, but has enough references to Fringe episodes gone by to show some love to loyal fans who don't need everything explaining all over again. It's also nice to see September the Observer still having to deal with the consequences of saving Walter and Peter from the frozen lake all those years ago. I think he's my new hero.

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