Wednesday, 28 September 2011

When brides meet geeks

Brides and geeks will collide in London this weekend as the National Wedding Show and the Entertainment Media Show are neighbours at Earls Court. I wonder how many people are going to both?
Well, I am.

I'll be at the National Wedding Show giving some PR love to the style gurus behind Roeni event stationery and styling and I'll be at the Entertainment Media Show with thousands of other fans who want a moment with David Tennant. 

I'm really hoping to see some crossover between the two. Maybe some sci-fi brides-to-be in their cosplay outfits stopping by the Wedding Show to find the perfect tiara.... Or maybe even some of the guests at the EMS looking for wedding cupcakes at the show... 

Either way, I guess I just want to see what happens when two sets of emotionally charged audiences collide - brides after a discounted dress and geeks after some face time with their favourite actors.

You won't like either of them when they're angry.

Pic by me: bride or geek?

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