Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The dark side (of Marmite)

I'm the kind of fangirl who takes every opportunity to buy something geeky for a birthday or Christmas present.
If I'm related to you or friends with you, then you're more than likely to get something a little bit sci fi beneath the wrapping paper. I give these gifts of geekdom in the hope that whoever receives them will love and respect them the same way I would.

Imagine my shock when I see the Star Wars cookbook I bought my sister snuggling up to the evil Marmite cook book! The horror! Yoda would not be happy with this.

Pic: taken by me
If you'd like your very own Star Wars cookbook you can buy one from Amazon. I have no idea where the Marmite one is from, and frankly I couldn't care less.


  1. Am I allowed to like both the Star Wars cookbook AND the Marmite cookbook?

    Yoda may not be impressed by I bet Vader has popped over to the dark side for a bit of ommy nommy yeasty goodness.

  2. Wow, "nommy yeasty goodness" just sounds so wrong!! I guess I can forgive you since you're a Star Wars fan. If Vader likes it, isn't it inherently evil? Just saying.... :)


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