Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Reboot reuse recycle - this time it's Buffy

If you woke up this morning and checked twitter you might have felt like you were in a freakish parallel universe, like the Fringe altiverse where things tend to be red and slightly bizarre. Geeks like me were talking about confirmed plans for a reboot of the slayer and her pals for the big screen without any input from Joss Whedon: master of the Buffyverse.

We all know that vampires, werewolves and wiccans are all the rage right now. And since MTV has already pitched a classic into the reboot ring with Teen Wolf, this latest news makes a strange kind of sense. But Buffy without Joss doesn’t make any kind of sense.

I agree with Faith (who wouldn't? she'd kick your ass!). How would Buffy sound without Joss’ influence? Where would the pop culture references be? The flawed characters and the dark dark twisted storylines mixed up with the odd musical gem?

But what puzzles me most is the part of the press release that completely fails to understand the value of Buffy season 1-7 to fans (like me).
“There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return to the big screen..."
Really? Is that the fan base who made 'Joss' and 'Whedon' trend on Twitter today with cries of" no no please god no"?*

Joss is boss. Everyone who loves the Buffyverse knows this. So what kind of beer goggles are the powers that be wearing to think that this is a great idea?

* Okay so I made up that tweet, but it's fairly accurate.
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