Sunday, 18 September 2011

One reason to watch...Misfits: Vegas baby!

One reason to watch...Misfits: Vegas baby! Nathan: "Did you ever see a man shit a rabbit out of his arse?"

Pic: taken by me during my Vegas adventure...

I've arrived late to the Misfits world and have spent the last week or so watching back to back episodes to catch me up before series three starts. But before that, there's a little online short that all fans of the ASBO five need to watch to explain where Nathan is when series three kicks off (now that Robert Sheehan has moved on to other things like Killing Bono).

The Christmas special episode ended with Alisha, Simon, Kelly, Curtis and Nathan buying new super powers from the mysterious dealer guy on the estate. Misfits: Vegas baby! finds a newly super powered-up Nathan in Las Vegas with girlfriend Marnie and Nathan Junior, ready to take on the casinos with his new power... being able to conjure things out of nothing.Yes, he's a real life magician.

Rather than become Ireland's answer to David Copperfield, Nathan decides to play the dice and get rich. But of course, being Nathan, he's likely to f**k things up... and perform a unique rabbit trick.

So long Nathan, you'll be missed. You can watch Misfits:Vegas baby! on 4OD.

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