Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello BlogCampers!

I'm going to BlogCamp next month and thought I should take the time to introduce myself to the other lovely people attending. I hope this photo doesn't scare any of them.

Name: Anne

Blog: Oh my geek!

Twitter: @annesmart

My blog's about: TV and film, science fiction geekery, some pop culture and a few things about the places I visit around the universe to geek out.

Likes: caffeine, the word 'awesome', scifi conventions, Twitter, the Whedonverse, actors who can sing and dance,

Dislikes: people asking for RTs, hearing the 'boxers or briefs?' question at conventions, road rage

Fear not, I won't be bringing Mj√∂lnir to Birmingham with me.

(Geek points available for anyone who knows what I'm talking about)


  1. Love your blog name, it's awesome.

    I take it Thors hammer is called mjolnir, I shall as my hubby when he gets home, he's a bit of a fanboy (he's not fond of e geek word!)

    1. Geek points for you! They may be virtual, but they're incredibly valuable. Thanks for reading (and commenting). See you at BlogCamp I presume...?

  2. Looking forward to meeting you at Blogcamp, I'm enjoying browsing around your blog.

    Hoping you can explain to me what the heck is going on in Fringe at the moment, my head feels as though it my explode Fringe style every time I watch an episode!


  3. I've got a few episodes of Fringe to catch up with, but I'm loving this series even though it makes me shout at the screen all the time. My head tends to explode every episode really.

    See you next month!

  4. Love to geeks and the world of bloggersville xxxx From the Awesome T PS do I get virtual points and if I get enough do I get a prize?

    1. Virtual points always mean prizes! Even if the prize is knowing that you're a savvy geek.... :)


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