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I've been to plenty of conventions in my time and been lucky enough to travel to some awesome geek related places. Here are some of my favourite pictures from travels across the fanverse, with a few details on how you can snap a similar picture.

If you're looking for the Hogwarts Express then get over to London Kings Cross station. Yes, really.

Platform 9 3/4 is exactly where you think it should be, complete with a trolley stuck in the wall for tourists to take photos with. Jump in quick or you'll be waiting politely for ages.

This is one of my favourite pictures because I took it on my niece's first trip to Geeksville.

We went to Collectormania in Milton Keynes to meet John Barrowman, who was a lovely guy and a great introduction to fandom for her. She loved getting her picture with him and her mum, it almost looks like a family photo!

She's olding my sonic screwdriver in her hand in this picture and isn't managing to look scared of the Daleks to her right.

Starfury T1 convention in 2009 - the first time anything Chuck related was at a UK convention. I decided that we were all buying gold tickets for this one, so we enjoyed some quality time with Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin at the meet and greet and also managed to sit on the front row for their talk.

And there was that small trip to Subway a few hundred of us made to buy sandwiches.... Zac made each one of them! Perfect fangirl weekend.

You can't be a Sherlock fan and not go to Speedy's. Since the  tiny cafe started tweeting it's become an infamous fan hangout and the place to go for a Sherlock or Watson wrap. They've also started selling t-shirts.

This isn't really on Baker Street in London, it's North Gower street near Euston tube/train station. Turn right out of the station and North Gower Street is on your right - look down the street and you can't miss the red Speedy's canopy.

Every time I've been to a Stargate convention I've taken a picture with the gate. It's just something you need to do. This particular gate was at a Chevron convention in London, organised by Massive Events. They always bring great props to play with.

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