Monday, 16 May 2011

This one time at BlogCamp...

Blogger extraordinaire Sally Whittle and communications company Talk Talk brought together about 70 bloggers in central London last week for the first Tots100 BlogCamp.

To be honest, I expected BlogCamp to be a strange place full of mummy bloggers I'd have nothing in common with. I intended to sit quietly in a corner, take a few notes and then dive out the door in time to catch my train home. You'll be pleased to know this wasn't what happened.

I was quick to realise that yes, bloggers have similar problems no matter what subject they talk about! Whether you blog about being a parent, making your own hats or geeky things like me, you're probably wondering if you're using the right platform, if you're making the most out of SEO and exactly how you increase the traffic to your posts. If you're interested in what people said at the event you can read some great summaries from the Talk Talk blog and Joanne Mallon.

I learnt a lot about blogger events from this which I'm hoping to use in my real life as a social media executive type. These are all really obvious things, but without them you're likely to have a room full of pissed off bloggers who'd rather be at home/work than talking with you.
  1. Get a central location and include idiot proof directions. 
  2. Free the wifi for your guests and make sure the log in details are posted all over the room you're in for people like me who read something once and then forget the details.
  3. Provide plenty of refreshments, including the non-caffeine variety, and cater for kids in the room too (there were juice boxes aplenty).
  4. Do something extra, like arrange a delivery of tasty cupcakes.
  5. Work with a partner that can provide something valuable to the group. The Talk Talk talk was relevant and not simply a sales pitch from the company.
  6. Pick speakers that will get a debate going in the room and also on Twitter.
  7. Follow up with everyone who came and share the links after the event.
My Twitter has been alive with the sound of BlogCamp since last week and I've picked up some new followers too. And today I discovered that someone else only took pics of the cake, just like me. I call that a win! Great event, great experience, I'm hoping for more.


  1. Thanks so much for the link. I agree that all the speakers were interesting. TBH I had expected that the TalkTalk one would be the boring one we had to sit through in order to get the free venue, and was relieved that it was better than that. I could have listened to more from everybody, and I think so could everybody.

  2. Thanks for the mention...glad I wasn't the only one that forgot to take any 'important' photos. My excuse is that I was so into what was being said that I didn't have time. ;)

  3. Thanks all for commenting.

    @Joanne - I thought Talk Talk would be a boring sales pitch (I've experienced a few at conferences before) so was v pleasantly surprised when it was actually useful!

    @Cherished By Me My reason too, and I'm sticking with it!

    @Liska - glad you liked it. And thanks for following the blog.


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