Thursday, 9 January 2014

Re-watching Sherlock - series one

I decided to re-watch all of Sherlock this week before the finale to series three on Sunday punches me in the heart. Here are some of the things I was thinking as I watched series one this week.

A Study in Pink : "Taxi for Sherlock Holmes?" 

  • Why does John keep his laptop in a drawer? 
  • Lestrade is hot. FACT. 
  • I love that Sherlolly (Sherlock/Molly) was born in a scene involving a riding crop, lipstick and a misunderstanding about getting a coffee. 
  • "The name's Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street." *wink* The wink is a Cumberbatch thing (he did it a lot at the Cheltenham Literature Festival panel).
  • Hello Speedy's
  • I love that some familiar quotes from Conan Doyle make it into the script: "The game, Mrs Hudson, is on!" /  "It's a three patch problem." 
  • "That was amazing." John spends a lot of this episode telling Sherlock how great he is. 
  • John flirting with the girl who picks him up in Mycroft's car is hilarious. Why does she say her fake name is Anthea? Of all the names she could have picked, why Anthea? 
  • "If inconvenient, come anyway. SH" 
  • Mycroft spots the bromance: "You're very loyal very quickly." 
  • This whole episode is like one very long first date. I didn't see all the flirting when I first watched it but now I kind of understand the Johnlock (John/Sherlock) shippers. 
  • "One thing about being a cabbie, you always know a nice quiet spot for a murder. I'm surprised more of us don't branch out." Thank you for making me terrified of getting into a taxi. 
  • Let's all remember that Moriarty was set up as a Sherlock superfan in episode one. Now we are ALL Sherlock superfans. 
  • Sherlock solves the murders, John saves a life - oh my god it's a flashforward to Sherlock's best man speech in "The Sign of Three"!
  • All hail the orange blanket: "I'm in shock, look I've got a blanket."
  • "We can't giggle it's a crime scene!" - John says "giggle" and suddenly I don't mind that he shot and killed someone.
  • Johnlock shippers this episode: Mrs Hudson, Mycroft Holmes, Angelo who owns the restaurant.

The Blind Banker : "I am not Sherlock Holmes!" 

  • This is my least favourite episode, not sure why. 
  • "Some things aren't supposed to sit behind glass. They are made to be touched, to be handled." Oh my god it's like Soo Lin is talking about Sherlock! 
  • That banker Sebastian is a cock.
  • "This is my friend John Watson." Sherlock calls John his friend and I die. 
  • How much do these boys spend on taxis? I wonder if anyone in the fandom has worked it out... 
  • John is wearing a lovely cardigan in this episode. 
  • "Urban bloodlust frenzy" would be a great name for a band.
  • "They're giving me an asbo!" = one of my favourite John Watson lines. 
  • The Lucky Cat Emporium is not in Soho, I've looked.
  • Sherlolly scene! But I hate Sherlock for manipulating/flirting with Molly to get her to help him. 
  • I love Mrs Hudson's trademark "woohoo" as she enters their flat. Sometimes it's so quiet you can barely hear it. 
  • Of course Sherlock crashes John's date with Sarah. And of course it's fantastic. 
  • John is the damsel in this episode, which I kind of like considering he was armed and dangerous last time. 
  • Sherlock hair ruffle klaxon! 
  • Indication that Moriarty really is a badass: "Gratitude is meaningless." 

The Great Game : "Jim, this is Sherlock Holmes."

  • Sherlock can correct my grammar any time.
  • "Bored!" "The wall had it coming." 
  • Sherlock hair ruffle klaxon! Sherlock being a drama queen klaxon! 
  • The gaps in Sherlock's knowledge are brilliant: "Do you really not know the earth goes around the sun?" 
  • Another Sherlolly scene! Sherlock is such a dick to her I almost can't stand it. But he looks genuinely confused/unhappy that he upset Molly so I'll forgive him.
  • "I'm putting my best man on it right now." John is confused about being Sherlock's so-called "best man" just like Sherlock can't fathom being John's. Is that some kind of epic foreshadowing to "The Sign of Three" or just a happy writing coincidence? 
  • Sherlock doing science in the lab is super duper hot. 
  • Shameless stoking of the Sheriarty shippers: "We were meant for each other." 
  • I want a mini episode that shows nothing other than John and Mrs Hudson watching daytime TV together. 
  • "I like to watch you dance." Well, we all know that Sherlock can dance (now). 
  • First Johnlock argument since they moved in together: "Will caring about them save them?" 
  • "Alright alright girls calm down." I love sassy John, and I love that Lestrade and Sherlock bicker like children. 
  • "Fantastic" "Meretricous" "And a happy New Year" 
  • Sherlock in disguise is joyous. But I'd rather he had drawn on a moustache like in "The Empty Hearse".
  • Johnlock versus the giant Golem is comedy gold, as is Sherlock watching Jeremy Kyle and shouting at the television. 
  • The pool at midnight is where Twitter exploded when the episode first aired.
  • Did Sherlock/anyone really think that John was Moriarty? Even for a second?
  • Moriarty sass is the best kind of sass: "I gave you my number, I thought you might call." 
  • When Moriarty says "back off" I hear "fuck off" for some reason. 
  • Sherlock strips the explosive coat off John, they both breathe deeply, the Johnlock fandom has a gigantic fangasm. 
Next up - Sherlock series two


  1. I did the same yesterday - watched S01E01 and S01E03 and I had the same thoughts and I like the same things as you!
    Though I don't categorize myself as a fangirl anymore (did that with LOTR, so... 10 years ago ;) ) --- but: the scene where John disarms the junkie with the knife in his last vow? Sexy. :-D

  2. Thanks for reading! It's nice to know I'm not the only person who thinks these things when watching Sherlock (fandom loves company). And yes, John disarming the junkie = v hot!


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