Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Three things to help you emotionally prepare for the Sherlock series three finale

It is a truth universally acknowledged in fandom, that a series/season finale will kick you in the feels. With this in mind, here are three things you can do to emotionally prepare yourself for whatever terrible things happen in the Sherlock series three finale "His Last Vow".

1. Assume that a character you love is going to die

Joss Whedon taught us this: when you start to love a character you should ALWAYS assume this means they're going to die suddenly. If you become emotionally invested in a TV show and forget this, then your heartbreak is your own fault (#sorrynotsorry). There are various theories floating around the internet and my money is on Mary (John's wife) dying in "His Last Vow". After reading this fantastic article on Den of Geek I'm even more convinced she's not going to make it out of series three alive.

Mary is new + fans love her + John loves her + Sherlock likes her + she's pregnant = dead in finale.

2. Join Tumblr

You're going to need to talk about your feelings so get a head start on the finale and join Tumblr now. If you think that Tumblr is the place where the crazy fans live, then you're kind of right, but it's also full of detailed character analysis, beautiful wit and amazing GIFs. The BBC has been using Tumblr to promote the show and deserves a slow appreciate clap (80s movie style) for their content and approach. Give Tumblr a chance and you may find yourself entertained and consoled by your fellow fans.

And in that moment, Tumblr was Mrs. Hudson.
Dear whoever is running the BBC Tumblr, I love you. From me xxx

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3. Watch the hair ruffle GIFs again and again and again 

Watch the GIFs of Sherlock ruffling his hair before the final episode starts. I think this is the Sherlock equivalent of cute cats, because you're guaranteed to be in a happier place after watching. See below - don't you feel better? Repeat as necessary.


The hair ruffle. It’s t’much. 
Not too much. Just right.
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Reblog if you love a Sherlock hair ruffle.

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Good luck everyone! See you on the other side... 


  1. Oh God, the first time I saw that hair ruffle before he kissed Molly just about floored me...watching it on a loop may be the end of me!

    After the first episode I thought that Mary was going to turn out to be linked to Magnussen, but now I think you may be right :-(

    1. I think she's got something to do with him, based on the clip of her reacting to the wedding message from CAM it feels like it's something to do with her parents dying... But whatever happens in Sunday it will be painful!


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