Monday, 3 February 2014

5 things I won't do when I meet Benedict Cumberbatch

I'm off to Starfury's Elementary convention this weekend, which means I'll be meeting Benedict Cumberbatch on Sunday.

It's important to prepare oneself for these events, so here are five things I won't do, or I'll try very hard not to do, when I meet him.

Cheltenham Literature Festival #selfie

When I meet Benedict Cumberbatch I wont...

1 ... call him Sherlock or Sherl or Shezza
It's never cool to confuse the real life actor in front of you with the character they portray. It just makes you look stupid/scary.

2 ... ask if he can ruffle his hair for me
Since the hair ruffle became a thing, it's all I can think about. I assume that when he's in front of me looking all lovely I'll suddenly think I'm Molly Hooper and that he needs to ruffle his hair before laying an epic smooch on me. I need to remember that this is not the case.

3 ... ask if I can ruffle his hair for him
While it's ok to ask an actor if you can pose a certain way in a photo session, no dirty comments please, it's not okay to suggest something that's a bit too personal. I'll be taking my lead from the people in front of me in the photo queue - hugging may be ok, hair ruffling not so much. And if by some insane happenstance he agreed I'm not sure I could stop. Like EVER.

4 ... stare at him dumbstruck with wild crazy eyes
This is always a possibility when meeting someone who is a) famous, b) lovely, c) rather handsome. You need to go to a convention with at least two things to say to a guest so that you're not standing in front of them in the autograph queue with NOTHING TO SAY. I have no idea what I'm going to say to him yet, but it will be along the lines of "I really enjoyed season 3 of Sherlock..."

5 ... be hungover
Conventions aren't cheap, so why would I waste my meeting with Cumberbatch by being hungover in front of him? I'm getting too old for convention parties, really I am, so rather than drinking and dancing the Saturday night away I'll be enjoying pizza and wine in my pjs with my friends. Which hopefully means I'll be bright and breezy(ish) on Sunday when Cumberbatch is there.

Have I missed anything? Tell me in the comments!


  1. How was it, Anne? What did you say in the end? And more importantly... did you obey your list? :)

  2. Ha ha.. I'm just writing a post now....


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