Friday, 2 November 2012

Movember inspiration for geeks

Happy Movember to everyone growing facial hair for charity!

Here's some inspiration for the style of mo you should grow from the world of geekdom.*

* Some examples do include beards. Actually most of these examples include beards.

Admiral William Adama, Battlestar Galactica

When we saw Bill Adama with a moustache, or the Adamastache as some call it, the collective Battlestar Galactica fandom giggled. Then we remembered that Adama is still a badass even when he looks like a 70s porn star. So say we all!

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Tony Stark, Iron Man

The ultimate playboy facial hair, which makes Tony Stark look equal parts villain and hero. Not sure he could pull it off without the beardy part though, or the fancy tech. This beard probably needs a lot of care and attention.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

Bobby Singer, Supernatural

Bobby manages to rock the redneck style of moustache, possibly because he partners it with a battered old cap and a bottle of whisky. If you decide to grow this style of mo you should be prepared to do battle with supernatural beasties, and probably keep a large supply of salt in your house.

Raj/Leonard/Howard/Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

When the boys got back from their time in the Arctic they'd all managed to grow interesting facial hair - even Sheldon. Howard decided to keep his moustache, although it made him look like a plumber called Mario...

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

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