Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Preparing for China with a little help from Firefly

I'm off to China in a few weeks for work and I'm starting to panic about my lack of language skills. Give me a dead language like Latin and Greek and I'm all over it, but ask me to learn a language you actually need to speak and I'm screwed.

So I'm placing my trust in Firefly to help me prepare for my trip.

Source: azbrowncoats.org via Eve on Pinterest

I've had a root around the interwebs and I've found a website called Firefly Chinese that translates Firefly verse dialogue so that we can fully appreciate the cultural diversity of the world Joss Whedon created for us to enjoy. So far, it's all a bit sweary. But just to be prepared I'll learn these two phrases in case I need them.

What's that Mal? "You motherfucker, everyone should die."

What's that Wash? "Shit, this is bad!" 
And if you want to learn how to say "Shove all the planets in the Universe up my ass!" (who wouldn't?) then take a look at Topless Robot's collection of best Firefly curses.

BTW if anyone knows where I can find a Fruity Oaty Bar near Shanghai airport please let me know.

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