Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Do you dream in puppet?

Neil Patrick Harris is making a web series about puppets. Really.

Source: youtube.com via Anne on Pinterest

Head over to Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch to read why this is happening or just watch the first episode below. I like.

"Hi, I'm Neil and I sleep a lot and when I dream I dream in puppet."

And since I have your attention, here are some other puppets I like.

Stargate SG1 - 200
The 200th episode featured a series of random parodies including one sequence filmed entirely with puppets. Fun!

Angel - Smile Time 
The fifth season of Angel included an episode about an evil puppet show, and somewhere along the way Angel was turned into a puppet. The puppet Angel v Spike that followed was freaking hilarious.

Red Dwarf - Quarantine 
One of the Dwarfers' finest episodes in my opinion, only slightly due to the red  gingham dress Rimmer wears when suffering from the holo-virus. Hi puppet friend Mr Flibble has anger management issues.

...BTW I haven't included Team America because they're not from my geeky fandom.

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