Monday, 16 April 2012

5 things I won't do at BlogCamp Birmingham

On Saturday I'll be one of a select hoard of bloggers learning and eating cake at BlogCamp Birmingham. As with most events I go to, I should remind myself what not to do before I get there...

One reason we go to BlogCamp

When I go to BlogCamp Birmingham I won't...

1... assume everyone apart from me is a parenting blogger
I made this mistake with my first trip to BlogCamp and was very surprised (and relieved) to meet people who blog about all sort of things. 

2... wear my Nerd Herd t-shirt, carry my Wonder Woman bag and clutch my copy of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog book
Yes I'm a geek and proud of it, but I prefer not to hit people in the face with it. Most of the time, anyway.

3...forget to use what I learn from the experts
It's so easy to learn loads from events and then fail to do anything differently when you get home. I'm determined to do something useful with the knowledge!

4... take terrible pictures like last time
Seriously, how difficult is it to take a picture of a room full of people? All I managed was a picture of a cupcake, and even that was blurry. And it's not the one above this post, that's a different cupcake.

5... stay quiet in the corner
These kind of events only work if people get involved, so I promise to say what I think and ask lots of questions.

See the rest of you BlogCampers on Saturday! I'll be the one trying not to look like a stereotypical geek.


  1. I will be happy to meet a fellow geek, although I do suffer from identity crisis from time to time see post
    oh and I have a mummy blog too :-)
    I like cake too!

    1. And you're also Anne with an 'e' which makes you one of a rare breed of awesome people :)

  2. Damnit, if I'd known about Blogcamp Brum I'd have come along in my Captain Picard T-shirt!

    Found your blog after our Twitter pitchfork exchange. Looks good!

    1. Thanks my dear, keep your eye out for other BlogCamp events and get in there quick for tickets. Hot cakes!


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