Sunday, 5 June 2011

Geek in my week - a night at Hotel Cylon

I was in London last week and had a freakish geek moment when I stayed in a hotel that felt like a place on the top ten places to stay when you're away from your Cylon basestar.

It was a reasonably swanky place in Westminster with a nice view of Parliament, but had clearly been designed and decorated by one of the final five Cylons. Black furniture, red lighting, sharp clean lines... when I walked down the hallway in the morning I expected to hear the stomp stomp of Cylon centurions patrolling the corridors. I probably stared at the staff a bit too much, but I was just checking how many models were working at the hotel.

And the waiting staff at the awards dinner I attended there were all dressed like ninjas. It was a bizarre overnight stay. So say we all.

Pic: one of my BSG badges

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