Monday, 27 June 2011

Gleeking out and the cry of The Warblers

I was one of thousands of Gleeks in London on Saturday worshipping at the altar of William McKinley High School at Glee Live 2011. I took my niece and we had a riot of a time singing along very loudly and waving our Glee foam fingers in the air at appropriate moments.

Pic: taken by me
Watching New Directons perform Don't Stop Believing live was pretty special. Yes, there was a lump in my throat when the "da da das" started and one by one my favourite high school losers came into the spotlight.

Pic: taken by me
But it was The Warblers who made this show for me. To be honest, I've never been that keen on them in the show,  Darren Criss always seemed too polished for my liking (his performances and his slick hair). But watching boys in blazers harmonise Teenage Dream, Silly Love Songs and Raise Your Glass was amazing. I smiled even more when Darren joined New Directions for the last few songs of the evening.

Pic: taken by me
My niece and I were a bit disappointed with some of the set list - Light up the World wasn't part of the show but the lame Lucky duet between Sam and Quinn was. I really wanted Sam to bust out some Bieber, but alas he didn't.

Glee Live 2011 is a fantastic show and well worth going to. I'm only sad that I didn't track down whoever was selling the Dalton Academy ties outside the O2 - I really want one!

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