Monday, 23 May 2011

TV season finale episodes - "WTF!?" moments galore

TV seasons usually end with a bang. It's the kind of bang you can prepare youself for if you're emotionally invested in a series like I tend to be. So these past few weeks have been tough for fans like me who've had to endure season finale after season finale and now have to wait until the autumn for our favourite shows to return.

I've been on an emotional rollercoaster with teams Fringe, Castle and Chuck. We've had some good times this season, and also some pretty lame ones (I'm looking at you Bartowski) but on the whole I'm genuinely excited about what's to come next season. (Spoilers for season finales below, turn back now if you haven't seen them with your own beady eyes)

Fringe: The Day We Died

If there ever was a "WTF!?" moment it's the closing seconds of this episode. After all the parallel universe shenanigans this season we finally reached some sort of stability with Peter and Olivia in a relationship over here while Fauxlivia has given birth to Peter's son over there. The collision between our two universes was coming, and Peter was going to have to get into the machine, but things were fairly linear and made sense. Then came everything that happened in this episode and the Starbuck moment (remember what happened when Apollo turned his back during their chat on Earth in Daybreak part 2?): Peter vanished, erased from existence and no one but the Observers standing on the lawn at the foot of Lady Liberty remembered his name. "WTF!?" indeed.

Castle: Knockout

This one almost had me in tears. The episodes that deal with Beckett's family tragedy (all titled in boxing terms by the way: Sucker Punch, Knockdown, Knockout) are Castle at its best. Everything in these episodes collides into 45 minutes of fantastic telly, giving Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion emotional stuff to play that shows off their ridiculous chemistry even more than usual. And this episode we also got lots of Ryan, Esposito and Montgomery too! Win!The twist in this tale, however, made me angry at the writers for shaking up the characters I love in such a horrid way. It felt almost Whedonesque in its sudden but inevitable betrayal. I really should have seen it coming.

Chuck: Chuck versus the Cliffhanger

Chuck makes a pretty good badass when he's smashing tvs, riding motorbikes like he's on the grid in Tron and parachuting into a hospital. However, now he's without Intersect (again) can he actually do more than fix technical problems? Is he going to be staying in the car all over again? When it comes to season finales in this show the writers know what ingredients they need to bring to the fans: mortal danger, family heartache, Casey beaming a genuine smile, in-jokes, guests stars, a new twist and the repeat of the best Chuck season finale line ever by the little bearded fellow. Morgan as Intersect 3.0? Season 5 is looking a lot like the A-Team.

All of these finales make me ask one question - why haven't I booked for Comic Con this year? I have so many questions to ask the people behind these shows!

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