Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My big fat fandom wedding - Windsors v Farscape

Did you hear that there's a royal wedding this week? I thought I'd jump on this media bandwagon with some sci fi musings. So I started thinking about all the weddings that have happened in the sci fi shows I love and whether any can rival the big fat Windsor wedding happening on Friday.

And I think I've got a winner. You're invited to the Farscape wedding of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. Please bring your own pulse pistol.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something FRELL! A Farscape wedding for John and Aeryn was never going to be ordinary. The show already showed us what their perfect earthly event could look like in Dog with Two Bones (S3x22) with a glimpse inside John's imagination. A white wedding dress, bridesmaids, tuxedos... Perfect until Peacekeeper troops gatecrash the happy event, shoot the guests and kill the bride.

The Peacekeeper Wars two part mini series picked up where the final episode of season four left us and threw Moya and her crew into a Scarran versus Peacekeeper intergalactic mess. But now John and Aeryn want to put an end to all the fighting over wormhole weapons because they're having a baby! A lovely human/sebacean hybrid... They try to get married, albeit a little shotgun style, in Part one, but suffer a case of command carrier interruptus. This attempt feels a bit more like what a Farscape wedding between the two characters should be - the only change to their usual black combat look is the delicate flower in Aeryn's hair. But this wedding isn't to be, and thankfully there's a far more appropriate time and place for these two to get hitched.

And that would be in the heat of battle. Farscape was often at its best when emotional events were tied in with general carnage, and in Part two we get the perfect moment during a standoff between Team Moya (plus the likes of Scorpius and Sikozu) and Team Scarran. This moment also happens to be when Aeryn goes into labour.

"Shooting makes me feel better!"  Aeryn to Crichton
The bride and groom both wore black leather combats, Rygel coughed up the wedding ring he'd been keeping in his stomach. The bride stood in a makeshift birthing pool, Stark said a few official words and the groom delivered his son into the world. And then the newly formed Sun-Crichton family cleaned themselves up, picked up their guns and started shooting at the bad guys. Now that's what I call a wedding.


 And even if the fighting isn't an option for Will and Kate, something a bit more Glee-style would be nice.

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