Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm all out of love for Chuck season four - or am I?

Season 4 of Chuck is playing with my fragile fangirl emotions.

I posted back in December about my despair with the season so far and how Chuck versus the First Fight had pulled me back into a bear hug with Team Bartowski. I was happy to be in love with the show once more after a period of estrangement. I felt we could go the distance and face the possibility of cancellation together, remembering all the good times we'd had.

But after a brief honeymoon period we fell back into our old ways - I was avoiding watching the new episodes, choosing to keep my dates with Fringe and Castle instead, and I started to tire of all the wedding talk and tedious Buy More shenanigans.

Chuck versus the Muurder and Chuck versus the Family Volkoff have pulled me back in again. I'm really enjoying Ellie's quest for knowledge from Papa B's laptop, probably because it's taking me back to the early days when the Intersect was a bit of a mystery. Watching Ellie discover her father's work and unlock some more Intersect secrets is far more interesting than Buy More v Large Mart.And, I'm sorry to say, more compelling than Chuck and Sarah's wedding preparations.

We're now on the final season stretch - only four more episodes to go including Chuck versus the Wedding Planner that aired last night - and I'm starting to hope for big epic awesome things. And I definitely want more Bartowski family drama.
"My sister just lied to me. She's never lied to me. Not cool."

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