Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Coming soon - MacGyver and me

Not many sleeps until I go to Chevron 7.6 to meet the man, the legend that is Richard Dean Anderson. Massive/Showmasters events have no doubt broken the bank to get him here.

I'm a Stargate fangirl, so naturally I'm excited about seeing him in person and even more excited at the thought of standing next to him to get a photo taken. I'd really like to have some intelligent questions to ask him during the convention - but am tempted to take a paperclip and a spoon and just ask him to diffuse a bomb. Bet he's never had that fan experience before...

While I go off and watch some vintage Stargate SG1, here's a reminder of RDA's MacGyver days from YouTube.Oh, and if you have any questions I can ask him without any personal shame (no boxers or briefs requests please), leave them in the comments.

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