Monday, 7 March 2011

Staking, stabbing, snarling and Shirley Bassey - Being Human series 3 episode 7

Beware of spoilers! 

The penultimate episode of a series is usually when something seismic happens to shift everything out of place. This could be the staus quo getting a shakeup or something really bad happening that needs to be mopped up in the next, and final, episode. Penultimate episodes are the teaser pay off for a season of dedicated fandom.

Last night was the penultimate episode of BBC Three's Being Human. For people like me who had no spoilers in mind it was an hour full of "OMFG DID THEY JUST DO THAT?!" moments.

Everything that's been building for the last six weeks - the Box Tunnel 20 investigation, George an Nina's hairy baby, the wolf cage fights, unlce Billy in the attic - everything collided in a mass of staking, stabbing, snarling and the best Shirley Bassey music cue you've ever seen.

In an episode full of bloody shocks you might not expect there to be time for the emotional stuff we usually get from this show. But it was still there in full view, and it was the frenzied unravelling of the relationships at Honolulu Heights that got to me more than seeing a pile of blood-drained bodies on the floor.

So WTF was it all about and what happens next? And why the hell did I start watching this show real time and not wait until the DVD boxset was released?!

Oh, and surely Mitchell has watched CSI at some point? Glass of water for fingerprints = oldest trick in the book. 

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