Monday, 21 March 2011

Becoming Human - what's next?

Pic: BBC Three Becoming Human blog

BBC Three's webshow Becoming Human came to the end of its short run last night to rapturous applause from a dedicated online fanbase. After the final episode aired and we discovered the identity of Matt's killer, another brief clip appeared on the official blog that was the perfect teaser for a second series. In true Davina McCall style, Mr Roe screamed that he was coming to get Adam, Christa and Matt (as well as the rest of the students at the high school).

Assuming BBC Three announces a full series of the show, what should we demand?
Keep it for adults
One of the few criticisms I’ve got of the webshow is that it’s far too tame in comparison to Being Human. The teenage setting shouldn’t be an excuse to move away from the dark and nasty that makes the Being Human universe so interesting. When it comes to vampires, werewolves and ghosts let’s stay away from Twilight nonsense and keep the stories gory without too much teenage angst.

Minimal crossover
I love a good crossover, but relying on characters from the same verse but a different show can be dangerous. Becoming Human managed to throw in some great references to Being Human but didn’t hit you over the head with them: Adam's first line was a reference to the advice Mitchell gave him when he left Honolulu Heights; Adam tells Christa and Matt that he spoke to "my man George" about the werewolf chicken-on-a-string etiquette.

Back story please
How did Christa become a werewolf? How was Adam recruited to vamphood? How did the students wear down Mr Roe so much that he became a murderer? Genesis stories are great. Let's have some please.
Same rules, different show
Becoming Human has been faithful to the supernatural rules set by Being Human and there’s no need to change this. We know that only supernaturals can see ghosts, that vamps and ghosts don’t show up on CCTV or cameras, people in purgatory can communicate through TV sets, when ghostly issues are resolved a door appears... Don’t mess with the rules, but feel free to introduce some more we didn’t know about.

Challenge the actors
The potential for interesting character-driven stories is huge, so challenge the young cast to deliver. The supernatural trio have a great chemistry, so give them stories and development to get their teeth into (no pun intended).

Over to you BBC Three. We are waiting.

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