Thursday, 24 February 2011

Geek in my week - psycho computer or superhero hottie?

Quite a bit of geekery in my real life over the past few weeks.

I got an email from someone called Hal
My first thought was psycho computer, my second was Green Lantern. Ok, so it was more like Ryan Reynolds and then Green Lantern but you get the idea.

I discovered something like a chokey in a meeting room at work
I was a bit disturbed to discover hidden cupboard spaces in a meeting room that could easily fit a person. I haven't noticed anyone who looks like Miss Trunchbull stalking the office though.

Teleconferencing offers the ideal setup for some paranormal activity
I had my first experience of teleconferencing, including the comedy moment when the person in the other location trying to dial in couldn't get his screen to work. We could see and hear him, the office was kind of dark, and when he left the room to get some technical help I expected to see the chairs stack themselves and pieces of paper fly around the room. Or the image of a man standing in the corner facing the wall (complete with Blair Witch style spooks). None of this happened and I was very disappointed.

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