Saturday, 19 February 2011

The scruffy vampire realisation

I finished my Being Human marathon last weekend and now I'm a bit obssessed with the lives (and afterlives) of Mitchell, Annie and George. And after admitting to myself that I would forgive Mitchell all his killing sprees because I'm really that shallow, I realised that my taste in vampires has completely changed from clean cut to scruffy.

For me, it all started with Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). He was the poster boy for angsty romance, a vampire with a soul who used to kill but got cursed by gypsies and felt terrible about everything he'd ever done. I'm sure I wasn't the only fangirl to whoop with delight when he went over to the dark side and Angelus came out to play.

And then there was Spike, with his punk rock attitude and bleached blonde hair. But when he went totally soppy for Buffy I was kind of pleased that he burned up in the Hellmouth (harsh but true).

Then there was the lovely Mick St John (Moonlight) who had grown up problems but was also a bit of an angsty sap with only the occasional fangy moment.  

Right now, the vampire in my life is Mitchell (Being Human). He has messy curly hair, clothes that need a wash and an insanely bloody history. I've come to the conclusion that vampire angst is best served in an adult setting. Like in a hawaiian themed b+b on Barry Island. 

Twlight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood not included in this post for the following reasons. a) Twilight shiny vamps are sparkly not scary, b) Vampire Diaries vamps are too teenage, c) I don't watch True Blood.


  1. Dearest Fangbanger,

    I agree that Angelus has his own appeal and indeed Spike is a loveable bloodsucker(although i'm sure your feelings for him have grown stronger since your close encounter with Mr Marsters), Mick St John - well you just would & yes i can now appreciate the hottness (or coldness?) of Mitchell. However, as you well know i also subscribe to Twilight (GO TEAM EDWARD) who cares if he sparkles?....Vampire Diaries (GO TEAM DAMON) and True Blood (GO TEAM ERIC, now he's a VILF)....Henry Fitzroy was a little too pretty but we still watched him in Blood Ties. Vampires are here to stay & as long as they are still easy on the eye then i'm sure we'll keep watching them!

  2. I couldn't bring myself to mention Henry Fitzroy because Blood Ties was so bad! You wear your VILF t-shirt with pride oh sister of mine.


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