Thursday, 20 January 2011

When Castle feeds the birds with Firefly treats

Nathan Fillion likes to feed the birds. But he also likes to feed his Browncoat fans something shiny as a thank you for watching ABC's Castle.

Most of the Firefly references are obvious to anyone who claims to be a fan, but there's one I have to admit I completely missed.

If I hadn't been sitting in Ballroom 20 waiting for the Winchesters at last year's Comic Con, I would have heard Nathan say this:

I had no idea that the catalyzer from Out of Gas was sitting on Castle's shelf! The Steampunk Empire has a handy picture of this piece of Serenity stashed in plain sight.

If you're a fan of Firefly, you'll read Nathan's tweets teasing what references are coming up and then you'll suddenly catch it in a episode and giggle. So here they are for your viewing pleasure.

"Didn't you wear that, like, five years ago?"

Two by two, hands of blue

"I was aiming for his head."

"A TV show I used to love."

How fitting that in a post about references I've embedded way too many reference links! But I think that each and every one of them adds to the flavour. I'm off to find a fruity oaty bar...


  1. You can take my love, take my land, take me where i cannot stand, i don't care, i'm still free Nathan will always be Capt Tightpants to me!


  2. Thanks for the song my dear. I agree!

  3. Ahah, this is awesome!! I caught the "TV show I used to love" one when watching Castle, but I watched Firefly after watching the rest of those references.

  4. They've been a bit slack recently with the references, although I did spot Nathan in blue gloves again in an ep. But there was no "two by two" moment again. Thanks for reading Bebster!


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