Monday, 10 January 2011

Echo v Chuck - who would win a fight?

Last night I finished a back to back super intense viewing of Dollhouse s1 and s2 and I'm emotionally exhausted. But the thing that kept popping into my brain during the latter half of the second season was how Chuck-like Echo had become, calling up previous imprints to deal with a current situation just like Chuck relies on Intersect flashes to deal with his spy life.

Rather than ponder the deeper meanings of Whedon's world, or consider how Echo and Chuck deal with their lives differently, my first thought was a bit violent. Who would win in a fight: Echo or Chuck? Which tech is superior: Imprint or Intersect? I've had a think.

Echo would win because...
  • ...Chuck has a problem fighting females and would get the crap kicked out of him. 
  • ...she has personalities in her head and not just mad ninja skills, so she has the aggression/fury/badass traits to give her the advantage.
  • ...Chuck's Intersect isn't stable all the time, he could glitch and be flashless.

 Chuck would win because...
  • ...he has a serious height advantage!
  • ...Echo's imprints aren't that stable, she's bound to crack at some point.
  • ...Team Bartowski could use a remote wipe on Echo to leave her inactive, if only for a little while.
  • ...he has Sarah to back him up and she could totally kick Echo's ass.

I think Sarah swings the vote Chuckwards. Sorry Echo, but Agent Walker would beat you to a crying pulp if you laid a hand on Chuck.

Anyone disagree?

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