Friday, 25 June 2010

Twitter and the 'follow me!' fans

I love Twitter. I love the immediacy and the fun and the random connections you can make with people. One of my new fave things to do is follow the #PMQs hashtag and giggle at the wit coming from the voting public aimed at the kids sitting in Parliament. This week's PMQs was utterly ridiculous. Cameron almost earned himself a geekpoint but then he totally mixed his metaphors.

"There was a £300m black hole, and you do not have to be a Star Trek fan to know that when you are in the black hole, you should stop digging."

But I digress. Twitter is great. But it's brought out a whole new sort of crazy in fangirls and boys who now have the chance to get even closer to the objects of their affection. I'm talking about the 'follow me!' fans who probably run fansites or are very active in online fandom. These are the people who squee when an actor starts tweeting, follow them immediately, and then start tweeting them daily to try and develop a close personal relationship which leads to mutual followship. I doubt it's ever actually happened, but 'follow me!' fans live in the hope that one day it will and run the risk of twitter-stalking their idols.

Social networks are a great fan tool. But sometimes they can make fans act like tools.

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