Sunday, 13 June 2010

That fringe moment

Poor Olivia Dunham. Locked in a cell in a parallel universe and forced to be a brunette with a fringe (that's 'bangs' to any US fans reading this). Her hair was almost a character in its own right in the finale 2 parter, it was integral to the plot and the setup for season 3 as well as the main spot-the-difference point for her and her doppleganger.

I wouldn't be surprised if a few random fandom sites pop up dedicated to her hair over the next few weeks. Someone is bound to ask the Comic Con panel "Will Olivia keep her new hairstyle?" Yeah, because who cares about the plot when you have exciting new hair to talk about. Please no. I want to know WTF is going to happen next. I really hope season 3 lives up to the promise of this finale. And I want parallel Charlie to cross over and join our team on this side!

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