Monday, 8 July 2013

London Film and Comic Con 2013

My niece, sis and me. Don't mess with us and our boys.

I joined thousands of geeks in London at the weekend for London Film and Comic Con (LFCC to the veterans like me). As usual, it was full of long queues, geeky merchandise, guest talks and cosplay. I spent most of my day standing in line for and sitting in talks about Game of Thrones and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Here are some thoughts on my day in geeksville.

Khaleesi cosplay is the new black 
LFCC felt like a Khaleesi convention, there were so many ladies walking around in stunning gowns. Some had dragons, some did not. They all looked fantastic.

Look at the size of that dragon on Khaleesi's shoulder!

Jamie Campbell Bower could not kick your ass
The Camelot and City of Bones actor enjoyed learning to kick ass for his recent roles, but has unfortunately forgotten the awesome fight skills already. If you met him in a dark alley, he'd run away rather than fight you.

Jamie Campbell Bower and author Cassie Clare take a picture of the crowd in their City of Bones talk.

Jamie Campbell Bower is a lovely young man  
I know I sound like an old lady saying that, but he really is. He handled the teenage (and above) fangirls and boys in the crowd like a pro, and also managed to be intelligent and earnest without sounding like a PR spin machine.

Jamie Campbell Bower and Cassie Clare answer questions from the crowd at the City of Bones talk.

The Spaniard pub in Belfast is a Game of Thrones cast hangout
If you're ever in the area during shooting time, go to this pub and wait for someone from the cast to turn up. And offer to buy them a beer.

"Drogo" can be used as a verb, a dirty dirty verb
During a question about the relationship between Cersei and Tyrion Lannister, Jason Momoa said "I'd Drogo both of them" to raptuous applause and squees from a group of fangirls at the back of the room.

Game of Thrones talk: Lena Headey, Joe Dempsie, Jason Momoa.

Joe Dempsie is glad of the differences between Gendry in the Game of Thrones books and the TV series
"He's a bit thick in the books." He also thinks that Gendry would make a really good king, and would love to have played Joffrey.

Dothraki language can get very silly if you don't concentrate
Jason Momoa found the Dothraki language quite a challenge to get his tongue around (if you pardon the expression): "You could totally fuck up and say 'wacca wacca wacca Chewbacca' if you aren't careful."

Game of Thrones talk: Lena Headey, Joe Dempsie and Jason Momoa.

Charles Dance is a flirt
Lena Headey loves working with Charles Dance: "He has a stare that can pierce your soul. And he's flirty."

Jason Momoa doesn't mince his words
When asked about the shocking deaths in the TV series, all Jason had to say was "Read the fucking book."

You can find unusual cosplay if you look for it 
There are always people walking the hall as Batman or Spiderman, Ghostbusters or various Lord of The Rings characters, but if you look hard enough you can find a hidden treasure. Beetlejuice and Effie Trinket were particular favourites of mine.

Beetlejuice and Effie Trinket cosplayers. 

Every fan should pass the geek enthusiasm to the next generation
This was the first convention my niece has been to where she's the geek squeeing with excitement about a guest talk. In fact, she's the reason we were driving down to London before 6am on Saturday so we would be able to get a free ticket to the City of Bones talk. My sis and I shared a moment of Yoda-like satisfaction that our young padawan was ready to run free in the world of fandom.

My niece and her LFCC swag: City of Bones t-shirt and runes, fandom bracelet, City of Bones poster.

Did you go to LFCC? What were your highlights? Tell me in the comments below!

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