Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Comic Con 2013 - some of the best bits

That's it for another San Diego Comic Con! I wasn't there in body but I was there in spirit. Here are the things reported by my fellow fangirls and fanboys that make me happy.

Loki introduces Thor: The Dark World footage in Hall H

Tom Hiddleston managed to get to San Diego and into Comic Con without anyone realising why he was there. And when he took to the stage in Hall H everyone was very happy to bow before Loki. "SAY MY NAME!"

NerdHQ entertains the Hall H overnight queues

Zachary Levi and his Nerd HQ team rocked Comic Con again this year with even more fantastic 'Conversations for a Cause'. This year they were at Petco Park, which happens to be across the road from the infamous Hall H line. Which means that the overnight campers had some entertainment to keep them happy, and a direct hotline to make requests to the DJ inside.

Cosplay cosplay cosplay 

When I was scrolling through Instagram I spotted two cosplays that BLEW MY MIND.

How I Met Your Mother says hello and goodbye

How I Met Your Mother came to Comic Con for the first and last time this year, as the show is coming to an end in season 9. This clip from SDCC shows how Ted's kids have suffered through the longest story ever.

Simon Pegg goes for a walk 

If you've read Pegg's book Nerd Do Well you'll be familiar with his stealthy walks around Comic Con in cosplay disguise. This year he chose a Shaun of the Dead/Star Wars mashup to keep his identity secret.

Mulder and Scully reunite on stage 

Need I say more? I would have sat in that queue for DAYS.

Serenity in the Park

Nerd HQ held a screening of Serenity in Petco Park, which Captain Tightpants himself was delighted to tweet about.

Did you spot anything else awesome at Comic Con? Tell me in the comments! 

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