Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Countdown to London Film and Comic Con 2013

Last July I went to London Film and Comic Con and had a lovely time meeting Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi and sniggering at the Game of Thrones fan cosplaying as a man of the Night's Watch who was steering a pushchair.

I also sat on the Iron Throne, which was a new addition to the LFCC show, and a bargain at only £5 a go. When I went to collect my picture I saw lots and lots of pictures of people smiling on the Throne, a Doctor Who cosplayer reclining in a cooler-than-you way, and then me. Sitting on the Iron Throne, head thrown back, cackling like some sort of mad queen.

I didn't post the picture on my blog because I was worried about how mad the picture made me look. But having survived Game of Thrones season 3 I think I've every right to look a little insania every now and again. And now that Showmasters has made their convention photo shoot files available for download - a genius action I shall ever be thankful for - I found myself in the online gallery and bought my shot.

So here it is for your amusement. Just remember, I ALWAYS pay the Iron price.

If you're thinking of going to LFCC this year remember to buy your tickets in advance - it's cheaper and quicker than paying at the venue.

London Film and Comic Con is at Earls Court 2, 5-7 July. 


  1. I booked and I'm SO EXCITED - do you know what day the Game of Thrones talk is?

    1. The Game of Thrones talk is on the Saturday. If you want to go you should buy a ticket in advance, I doubt there will be any left on the day!


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