Wednesday, 17 October 2012

5 things a geek like me wants for Christmas

I read on Twitter today that we have nine Wednesdays until Christmas. When I got over the shock I had a root around Pinterest for some geeky things I can put on my wish list for Santa. I have to admit, most of them are pretty unlikely to arrive down my chimney.

Source: Uploaded by user via Julia on Pinterest

All of these wonderful things are available online.

1. Cook District 12 style
Just think of all the fabulous recipes in here! But do any of them explain how to catch, kill and skin your fellow tributes?

Buy me a copy.

2. Ride a Tauntaun
Every home needs a Tauntaun to ride on! Unfortunately if you get stranded in the snow this one won't keep you warm.

Buy me one.

3. Star Trek style seating 
Boldy go (nowhere) in your own inflatable Star Trek captain's chair!

Buy me one.

4. Book bag chic
I went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival recently, met Benedict Cumberbatch, and returned determined to read more. But if I don't manage that, I can have a book for a handbag! Yes, a handbag!

Buy me one.

5. Style your home like the Red Keep
And now for the big one. A gift item so awesome it deserves a big picture - get the Iron Throne in your own home! For $29,99.99 you can have a piece of Westeros history in your front room. I sat on a replica of this at London Film and Comic Con and I have to say that the style far outweighs the discomfort. A king should never rest easy, and now neither will you!

Buy me one. Go on, you know you want to.

Check out the things every geek like me should own on my Pinterest board.

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