Saturday, 14 July 2012

Scully, Skinner and the Iron Throne - a day at London Film and Comic Con

If you're a geek like me you've been reading Twitter this week and crying tears of pain that you're not in San Diego enjoying Comic-Con. But last weekend I was geeking out big style at London Film and Comic Con, and it was awesome! 

Gillian Anderson smiling
The very lovely Gillian Anderson

In my previous post I predicted what I'd be doing at LFCC, so how did I fare? Not as accurate as that psychic octopus. 

Olympia hall
Olympia was big enough to contain the geeks


Wearing my FBI cap
I managed a few minutes before my head started to sweat. I don't know how the guy dressed as Bane coped with the face mask. 

Swooning at Mitch Pileggi 
Oh my god yes. He enveloped me good and proper in his manly, and rather hairy, arms for my photo. When he held my hands and thanked me for coming, staring me straight in the eyes, it was all I could do not to collapse into a messy heap. The guy is a charmer. 


Buying Mulder's 'I want to believe' poster 
No dealer at the event had any X-Files posters, which surprised me.

My sister being taller than Gillian Anderson
Gillian was wearing rather gigantic heels, so sadly my sis wasn't taller than her. But Gillian crouched down a little in her picture to make up for it. 

Spotting plenty of Mulder/Scully lookalikes 
There were none. It was pretty much a Batman and Doctor Who costume party.

Unexpected wins
Thomas Dekker signing autographs
Thomas Dekker sporting Jedward hair

So many yummy actor blokes of all ages
I didn't expect to be so smitten with the cute Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Connor Chronicles), or spend so much time staring at him from across the room. Zach Galligan, who fought off the Gremlins back in the 80s, was looking good, as were Nicholas Lea (X-Files), Craig Parker (Lord of the Rings and The Seeker), Michael Socha (Being Human),and even a totally hairy Ben Browder (Farscape).

Taking the Iron Throne
£5 got me a moment in the Iron Throne and a picture to prove it. I think I was the only person who took the opportunity to laugh like the Mad King for my picture - I noticed everyone else looked very normal in their shots. Hence why I haven't posted it here...

Taking a tinkle with Ted
I'm a sucker for a staged photo, and the Ted standees at the show were great.
My sis took this after her tinkle

Family fandom 
Highlights were a Batman family strolling around the show (mum, dad, baby in pushchair each wearing Batman logo t-shirts) and a man of the Night's Watch taking time out from The Wall to push around his son in a pram. Genius.

Gillian Anderson's favourite X-Files episode is the same as mine 
Gillian told the audience at her talk that she loves season five's Bad Blood, especially the opening scene where Mulder chases the suspected vampire through the woods and drives a stake into his chest. She also enjoyed working with the intestines during that episode. Yeehaw.

Meeting Irene Adler in the queue 
I was in the queue for my picture with Mitch Pileggi and bumped into a woman in a Sherlock coat carrying a riding crop.... She was an excellent Irene Adler.

Starwarigami treasures

Star wars + origami
The Starwarigami (see what they did there) table was amazing. 

Thank you Showmasters for putting on a great event! Now can you please get Being Human's Damien Molony along to The Entertainment Media Show in October? And do you think you can ask him to demonstrate some press ups?

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