Monday, 16 July 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - 5 fantastic things

San Diego Comic-Con is officially over for another year and the fanboys and girls have gone back to their homes to countdown until the 2013 event. Here's my pick of five fantastic things that happened this year, in no particular order.

Pic: Comic-Con is all about the queue...

Robert Downey Jr dances his way into Hall H
RDJ demonstrates, yet again, that he's the coolest guy IN THE WORLD. I'm not sure if anyone else in the Marvel universe could have pulled this off. And I need to get one of those Iron Man hand devices!

White tulips and fedoras in the Fringe panel 
It was the final Fringe panel this year, and not only did fans get to say goodbye to the show in the gigantic Hall H but some also got an Observer style fedora to wear too. If this wasn't awesome enough, some fans in the audience held up white tulip drawings as the cast and creators stepped out onto the stage. If I had been there I think I would have cried!
NerdHQ gets lippy 
Everything about NerdHQ is great, but this moment is especially LOLworthy. Zachary Levi smooches a lady for charity and then gets smooched by fanbros Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin.

Firefly fans celebrate an anniversary 
I've already blogged about the Firefly 10th anniversary panel, so I won't repeat myself. What I love even more than the panel, which made me cry a little, is the fact that Joss Whedon turned up at about 3.30am to say hi to the fans who were camped out in the queue to get inside.

The Big Bang Theory sends a fan into space
The title pretty much speaks for itself.

You stay classy San Diego Comic-Con. See you next year...


  1. I love your highlights, I seem to be out of the loop this year. I have something of a weakness for Robert Downey Jr. & the Firefly panel was brilliant!

    1. Thanks for reading Kate! I share your weakness for RDJ, not sure what I'd do if I ever managed to meet him. Probably collapse into a heap :)


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