Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kapow Comic Con 2012 - an audience with Nick Frost

When Nick Frost spent an hour at Kapow Comic Con 2012 discussing his life, career and love affair with Simon Pegg he was wearing a Last Exit to Nowhere t-shirt homage to the Ghostbusters. I’m sure I saw someone else walking around the convention in the same t-shirt.

Pic: taken by me!

Nick Frost used to be a waiter, actually he was “a fantastic waiter”, at a Chiquito Mexican restaurant when he first met Simon Pegg at a party and their bromance was born. Nick’s career has taken him from working with Spaced pals Pegg and Edgar Wright to Steven Spielberg and more recently to a host of British acting icons (and the god of thunder) in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Some of the things we learnt during Nick's panel at Kapow.

Nick isn’t a Doctor Who fan
Feel bad for the guy who started his question with "Since you're such a huge fan of Doctor Who..." The closest Nick has come to liking the show is Karen Gillan.

Nick's house was raided by armed police during filming of Spaced
He took one of Mike's guns home and was sitting blindfolded in his front room stripping it down, as you do. Armed police stormed in, ready to fire if necessary, after getting a call from an old lady who had seen the gun sticking out of his bag when he arrived home. One of the officers complimented Nick on his calm reaction to being held at gunpoint: "You did well mate, a lot of people piss themselves."

When Nick met Steven Spielberg his first impulse wasn't to geek out at him,“I just wanted to hold him and give him a kiss on his beard.”
Rather than squee on their first meeting he waited for a more relaxed moment during filming The Adventures of Tin Tin to ask him what it was like to make Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Nick’s character in The World’s End isn’t a divvy
Contrary to his previous roles in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, this one will be different. “No he’s not a divvy. He’s the anti-divvy.”

He gets lots of Cornetto related questions on Twitter
People like to ask him if he wants anything from the shop.

Nick has been learning salsa dancing for his next film Cuban Fury
“It’s Batman in dance shoes. The love of a good woman brings out his fury.” The film also stars Chris O’Dowd and Olivia Colman and starts shooting in a few weeks.

He's a cake flusher
During the US press tour for Hot Fuzz Nick was given multiple birthday cakes, which he mostly flushed down the toilet in hotels. No, really. Joe Cornish filmed these bizarre flushings (see below). I dare you not to get the giggles as much as Simon, Edgar and Nick.

Kapow Comic Convention 2012 was 19-20 May in London.

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