Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Gotham Street Preacher - Batman in Birmingham

Occasionally you find something on YouTube that makes you laugh and also makes you ponder the bigger questions of life. And what's not to love about a guy in a Batman mask preaching on the streets of Birmingham?

The Gotham Street Preacher has, apparently, been on the streets of Birmingham city centre, spreading the word of Batmanism.

Reasons why love this guy

He's made the outfit work for him
Who knew that a Batman mask and a white collar would look so good?

He has the mouth and chin of Michael Keaton
He really does, look again!

He's ridiculously enthusiastic
He has the energy and enthusiasm of the other street preachers who yell at you in city centres. But I'd stop and listen to him.

He knows his Batman
This isn't a guy who pulled on a Batman mask and took to the streets, he knows his lore.
"The Keaton, the Kilmer and the holy Bale! They are the true prophets. Do not believe in Clooney, for he is a false prophet!"
Amen .

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