Monday, 7 November 2011

When Chuck fans say thank you

Chuck fans recently made a pilgrimage to LA for the third, and probably the last, #Chuckfest event.

Wendy thanks the tweeps who made #Chuckfest3 happen

#Chuckfest has been organised by a number of fans in partnership with perhaps the most fan-friendly production crew in television. The team behind NBC's Chuck are known for their close ties with their fanbase, as well as some of the most rowdy and fun panels at San Diego Comic Con.

Pic: taken by me at the Chuck panel, Comic Con 2010

This year the We Give a Chuck fansite called for fans around the world to show their appreciation for all things Bartowski by sending in pictures of themselves in Chuck gear, meeting Chuck cast and crew, and saying thank you to the team behind our favourite nerd in their native language. And this is what they put together. You may need to click through to watch this on YouTube directly...

The reason I like this video isn't (just) the fact that one of my pictures appears within the first few minutes. I like this video because it demonstrates the best part of being an active fan - getting the chance to thank the people who entertain you and to receive their thanks for supporting their show.

Every guest at every fan convention I've been to has talked about how rewarding it is to meet fans in person and geek out about their shows. And no matter how random/scary/weird you may think active fans are (and some of them really really are), you'll be amazed at how lovely it feels to cheer and applaud people you've seen on TV when they're sitting right in front of you. The fandom world is all about sharing the love of your show with the people who make it, as well as with other fans like you.

Thank you #Chuckfest. Thank you Chuck.

Zachary Levi thanks the fans. *sob*

For some great photos from #Chuckfest3 check out Chuckgasmic.

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