Sunday, 7 August 2011

Comic Con 2011 - five fab geek moments

As you may have already noticed from the latest posts on here, I *heart* Comic Con. Thousands of geeks, nerds, gamers, fanboys and fangirls swarmed around the San Diego Convention Centre a few weeks ago but I wasn't one of them. *sad face*

Pic: taken by me at Comic Con 2010

I made the trip to San Diego last year with my sister and three friends in tow and we had the geekiest experience of our fangirlish lives. As explained enthusiastically here. But we're not made of money and don't have a rich benefactor to sponsor our geek trips so this year we've had to wait patiently for fans and news sites to upload content and share what happened.

So for the last few weeks I've been reading, watching and generally digesting what went on at Comic Con 2011 and I've found five awesome things about this year's event. And here they are in no particular order.

Andrew Garfield: spideygeek
Unexpected moments are what Comic Con is all about. The schedule is posted a few weeks before to help you plan each day, but to be honest you never really know what's going to happen. Case in point in Hall H this year - a guy wearing a kids party Spidey costume grabs the microphone before the panel has even started and wants to share with the audience how much he loves Spiderman. Then the guy takes off his mask to reveal he's also Andrew Garfield, the latest actor to get into the spandex for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-man.

Fillion fangirl gets her dream cameo during the Castle panel 
You know that Nathan Fillion and the Castle team won't let you down when fans are involved. And one lucky fangirl was plucked from the audience to read out the show intro script nestled in the shoulder of her favourite space cowboy.And she handled is so well - no inappropriate touching or crying at all! Fillion fangirl, you did us proud.

Zachary Levi tears up at the end of the Chuck panel
The team behind Chuck are always vocal about how much they love fans who support their show. This was their last Comic Con, as the show's fifth and final season will be over by the time SDCC 2012 is here. The entire panel was very subdued compared to last year, despite a bit of Jeffster at the start. In the final moments of the panel Zachary Levi shed a few tears as he said thanks to fans who supported the show over the years, and I think if I'd been in Ballroom 20 I would have sobbed a little too.

Wolowitz's mum comes to Comic Con
Howard's mother is never seen but always heard. This year she introduced The Big Bang Theory panel but fans also got to hear impressions of her melifluous voice from Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch. Awesome.

I really wasn't sure how NerdHQ would work alongside Comic Con. Was it in competition for attention? Would it have huge queues? Would anyone actually get inside and enjoy geeking out? Well, according to all the tweets/blogs that exploded onto the internet during and after SDCC, it was a geek utopia. Short queues to get in, pre-assigned seats, small audience, intimate conversations with guests rather than huge SDCC style panels. And of course Nerd Machine merch for all to buy! This post at We Give a Chuck is a great summary of why NerdHQ rocked, and why we all *heart* Zachary Levi. Especially now that he's sung a duet with Papa Bartowski (see below).

Thank you Comic Con, you were awesome. Until next year...

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