Friday, 30 July 2010

Comic Con - best and worst moments

Inspired by this posting on the unofficial Comic Con blog I thought I'd mull over the good and bad bits of my experience.

Pic: taken by me at Comic Con 2010

Have a gold star!
  • Getting decent seats for Hall H and Ballroom 20 – I didn’t travel all the way from the UK to sit at the back of the room. Turn up early and camp out! It’s the only way.
  • Big Bang Theory singalong with the Barenaked Ladies.
  • Seeing the entire Chuck cast on stage, led in by Jeffster Gaga. Awesomeness.
  • Organisation of lines etc, it all felt really well done and there wasn’t any panic of people pushing in or standing in the wrong lines. For me anyway.
  • The buzz of thousands of fans just like me. Sitting in Hall H and Ballroom 20 with people whooping and screaming at the same things you love was incredible.
  • Seeing Jensen Ackles in the glorious flesh. Oh. My. God.
  • Nathan Fillion dropping in to see his mate Joss Whedon during his panel. I couldn't go to the Castle panel, so this made me very very happy.
  • Fringe cast turning the tables on the q+a. Loved that each person who asked a question was then asked a question by the cast. Joshua Jackson's bong impression was hilarious.
  • Preview screening of Scott Pilgrim. Never have I been more grateful for a white badge.
  • Great freebies. Preview night was manic, my Glee foam finger, my Wonder Woman iPhone case..
  • Nice surprises. Like Big Bang and Nathan Fillion.
  • Restrooms in Hall H. Such a good thing, especially when you're camped in there all day.
  • Hall passes for Ballroom 20. Enough time to run to the loo without losing your long-queued-for seat.
  • The Gaslamp belongs to the geeks! Loved how Comic Con permeated everything around the Gaslamp area, from Cafe Diem to the Battle: Los Angeles helicopter.

 Go sit on the naughty step!
  • The number of people – 125000? Seriously? On the rare occasions I went into the exhibit hall I immediately wanted to get the hell outta there because it was so crowded.
  • No time for questions at the Chuck panel. Thankfully the moderators had already asked pretty good questions.
  • Why oh why oh why put Castle in a small room? Never underestimate the power (or size) of the Nathan Fillion fanbase.
  • Reading posts from people bitching about not getting into the panels they wanted to after they waited in line for a few hours. A few hours!? I was up at silly o'clock to make sure I got in. You should plan your visit better.
  • Ken Tucker from Entertainment weekly was a terrible moderator for the Fringe panel. He seemed to care less about being at Comic Con, often gave the impression that he didn't even watch the show, and could barely string a question together. Thank goodness the Fringe cast were so awesome.
  • Crappy freebies. Waiting for half an hour to collect a couple of badges was not fun for me.
  • Signings at the WB booth were impossible to get to. There were too many people crowded around and the signings always clashed with a good panel.

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