Thursday, 22 July 2010

Comic con preview night madness

Today has been surreal to say the least. First there was the queue for preview night that started at 10am, then the Klingon signs at the convention centre transit station, then Green Hornet’s car parked on the pavement and Ecto 1 experiencing car trouble just down the road from Eureka’s Cafe Diem. And then the wait in line for about five hours to get into the exhibition hall for preview night. But by convention standards that’s pretty standard, like dog years in reverse for you normal people out there.

Celeb guests tweeted their arrivals and Felicia Day received some less than useful advice from her old friend Captain Hammer.
Felicia Day: In San Diego. Gotta figure out how to unload all the boxes or the Guild booth stealth style to avoid the guards lol.
Nathan Fillion: @feliciaday take off your shirt. No one will notice boxes.
I was determined to get a Chuck bag when I checked in, but ended up with Batman. But you make friends easily at convention queues, and the nice guy next to me agreed to swap so I could get what I came here for!

Spiderman was in the queue, with his backpack of supplies, and Batman stood patiently with the rest of us while we tweeted, checked out email, played various card games and generally paused before the madness of the exhibition hall. And it was such madness.

Swag highlights include a Wonder Woman iPhone case, a huge Green Hornet bag and a lei promoting the new CBS show Hawaii 50. Now time to sleep before the great q for Hall H tomorrow...

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