Sunday, 26 October 2014

MCM London Comic Con 2014

I went to London yesterday for a day of family geekery at the MCM London Comic Con. It was wonderful and exhausting. Here are some highlights.

So. Much. Cosplay.
This is the first MCM event I've been to and the dedication to cosplay was overwhelming. The geek events I go to tend to be all about the guests who are attending, with a side order of awesome cosplay. MCM was entirely different, it was more about the cosplayers than anything else. This was a nice change and made people watching far more entertaining. However, I suspect the guests at the wedding reception being held in one of the venues in ExCeL didn't appreciate it as much. Personally, I would LOVE the Avengers to be in my wedding pictures.

Disney is king
The Disney cosplay was very strong, particularly the traditional Tinkerbell pixie look and the princess characters. You couldn't walk far without seeing Elsa, Anna, Kristoff or Olaf from Frozen, the attention to detail with their costumes was incredible.

Everyday cosplay
Seeing cosplayers in character is great, but I like seeing them in everyday mode much more. Oh look, there's Queen Elsa and Olaf eating a sandwich... Batman's been buying lots of merch from the stalls... hey Deadpool hope you're enjoying your noodles! And any trip to the ladies toilet is hilarious when you're washing your hands next to Gamora from Guardians of The Galaxy.

Sometimes they tweet back
I tend to tweet up a storm when I'm at a convention, because I need to share with the world how amazing everything is. I noticed that Shane Black was at MCM promoting his show Salem and had been tweeting with some fans, so I decided to tweet him a quote from his past. And he retweeted me. So now I'm being followed, favourited and retweeted by random Shane Black fans, which is both a social media win and also a bit strange.

I will never tire of fem versions of male character cosplay
I love seeing people put their own spin on a cosplay. MCM was full of female versions of male character cosplay, it was brilliant. Fem Winter Soldier, fem Captain America, fem Hawkeye, fem Loki and Thor... And then there were the many many fem Castiel (Supernatural) cosplayers. I couldn't figure out whether this was down to the Misha Collins effect or because a trench coat and wings is both iconic and comfortable.

It doesn't matter what you're promoting, I'll queue to meet you
My niece has been reading the Morganville Vampires book series so we went along to the panel with the author and the cast of the web series which is about to go live on Geek & Sundry. We queued to meet them too, because of course we did, and had a lovely chat with Rachel Caine, Amber Benson (Tara is ALIVE!), Robert Picardo (he did not state the nature of the medical emergency), Lindsay Seidel, Ben Easter and Jordan Farris. I'm not the target audience for this web series, I probably won't watch the rest, but they were all lovely people and I was quite happy to stand and wait for my niece to have her fangirl moment.

Hurrah for conventions!

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