Friday, 24 August 2012

Finding a geek spot - Weymouth

I tend to find a geek spot everywhere I go, and my family trip to Weymouth in July was no different. Who knew that a visit to a lighthouse would be so entertaining?

Do the truffle shuffle and then read on...

My sister, niece, mum and I sat on the top deck of the open top tourist bus that leaves from Weymouth seafront and had a lovely (but slightly damp) ride through the town and across the sea to Portland. We saw the flags flying at the Olympic village on Portland and our bus driver got a bit confused by the traffic diversions in place.

We drove up and up and up into the far reaches of Portland, at one point there was a tin bath lying at the side of the road half full with rain water and I expected to see the Craggy Island parochial house on the hill. Or hear an old man screaming "FECK!" across the fields.

Finally we arrived at Portland Bill, the infamous striped lighthouse, but it wasn't open for visitors yet. There was somewhere open though, a restaurant overlooking the rocks and the water. There was a black SUV parked outside and some people were unpacking the boot.... It all felt a bit too familiar....

And then I realised that this place reminded me of The Lighthouse Lounge, the place where the Fratellis hideout in The Goonies.

So far so geek.

After having a cuppa in the restaurant, using the toilet and checking for secret passageways leading to a deformed but gentle man chained to a wall, we went for a stroll.

The landscape around Portland Bill continued to make me feel like a Goonie. I know there are supposed to be triple stones, but this was all I could see. If I'd had a doubloon with me who knows what kind of underground adventure I could have wandered into? Why didn't I demand that my sister do the truffle shuffle?

If you ever go to Weymouth make sure you take a trip over to Portland Bill. Just watch out for booby traps.

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