Saturday, 25 September 2010

When the new season starts in the USA, how do you watch from the UK?

The new season of TV has started in the States, which means that all the shows I watch, talk about, and fangasmed over at Comic Con in July are back. Which is a good thing. I'm a happy girl and looking forward to getting sucked back into the world of Chuck, Fringe, Supernatural, Castle etc.

But when the online places you usually tap for your fix of new American tv shows don't have anything new, and when everyone else is talking about what happened this week, your place in fandom is threatened in the most primal way. You run the risk of being out of sync with everyone else. You run the risk of being (pause for effect) just another viewer.

Fandom is about so much more than watching something, it's about adding to the conversation. It's about feeling part of a shared experience. And it relies on currency (meaning 'now' not cubits). If you fall out of step with the rest of your fandom you can quickly fall so behind it's impossible to catch up.

But now thanks to twitter when you have a problem you can ask the verse for help. And I got my fix and am now back in the bosom of fandom. Which sounds odd, but I hope you get my meaning.

2 season openers down, a few more to go... Thanks @DrDSM for saving my Saturday!

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