Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Things to do in Boston when you're a geek

If you're a geek like me then Boston means only one thing - Fringe. Here are a few things you should do if you ever visit and want to feel like you're part of the fandom.

1. Take a fedora
I took one with me so I could get some Observer style photos, but apparently fedoras are totally cool in Boston. Seriously. There were many people wearing them and not in a Fringe kind of way. 

2. Go looking for Walter's lab at Harvard
It's really easy to get to Harvard from central Boston on the T and there are tourists everywhere so you can't get lost when looking for some part of the campus to walk around. Even if that part of the campus is Walter Bishop's lab. 

Observing Walter's Harvard lab (sort of)

3. Observe the Hancock Tower
The only real Boston location used in Fringe, that I could find on the internet, is the Hancock Tower. You'll recognise it immediately as the exterior of the Boston FBI building and home of Fringe HQ. 

Observing Fringe HQ

4. Observe the Hancock Tower from the Prudential Building bar 
Another great view of Hancock Tower, and of Boston, is from the Top of the Hub bar in the Prudential Building. Don't waste your money on the Skywalk viewing area, unless you want to read about the history of Boston. I sipped champagne with a great view of Fringe HQ, not exactly Observer behaviour but I wore my fedora anyway.

Previously on Fringe...
Watch this space for more from my trip to Boston...

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